Niknaz Tavakolian cinematographer / cameraperson


I'm Brooklyn, NY based
I love to travel
(c) 347-423-9082

I've been in the motion picture industry since I was 20 years old, as a filmmaker, a cameraperson, a cinematographer, an educator and a sizable chunk as an IATSE camera assistant. Media is all-present and important. The truthful bottom line is, I love making cinema.

In these 15+ years in the business, I've had the wonderful pleasure to train with such ASC greats as Darius Khondji, Jim Denault, and Lajos Koltai. I've also worked with Oscar and Emmy winning actors and directors, motion picture legends, and art and music greats. I've assisted on large, stunt-driven productions, prime-time episodic television, multi-million dollar movies, small, independent features, short films, and feature and short documentaries.

I know how it’s done.

I own a Sony FS7 4K camera package.

For a list of equipment and rates, please email me directly. If you are a 501c3, or small, independent company please also mention your budget range.

I am also an artist and experimental filmmaker.